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10 Ways to Have a Less Expensive Wedding


Piggy-Bank-and-Coins | Saving Money on Wedding blog post | myweddingmusic.comJust imagine — you and your groom are in the arms of each other, reflecting on how wonderful your wedding day was. Everything from your gown to the music played at the reception was magical. The last thing that you want to do is stress about the money you still have to pay for a wedding day that is now over.

Learn how to cut costs before you plan your wedding and you can save thousands of dollars. Make sure your wedding day is your wedding day. Before you do any planning, make notes on what is really important to you.

Trying to please everyone can end up being very costly. Thrifty planning will help you think more clearly when selecting your gown, cake, decor, and music. If you want to save money, your wedding day should reflect your vision and your budget.

10 Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding

  1. Schedule your wedding during off-peak season such as November thru March (excluding Valentine’s Day)
  2. Choose any day except Saturday to hold your event
  3. Use large tables so you require fewer centerpieces
  4. Have a creative friend make your centerpieces
  5. Use your ceremony bouquet for your cake table or wedding party table decor
  6. Buy your wedding gown from a designer’s yearly sale or from a sample sale
  7. Rent or borrow your wedding dress to knock off a huge chunk of your wedding bill
  8. Use an online invite service or email invites to save money on stationery
  9. Use beautiful flowers that are in season and use less of them by adding more greens

10. Choose digital music — wedding music is very important and sets the tone from beginning to end — use a friend or ask a professional to manage a digital playlist for all parts of your big day

Follow just a few of these money-saving ideas and you can save money on your wedding day. Your lifelong commitment should be to your spouse not the wedding bill.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to saving money on all aspects of your wedding. Here’s to a less expensive wedding!

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