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3 Types of Music You Will Need for Your Ceremony

wedding_ceremony_myweddingmusic.com | blog_post_3_types_of_music_for_ceremonyAlthough many think of the reception when thinking of wedding music, the ceremony has its share of important music too.  It may be easier to focus on the reception music, but when wedding music planning comes about, remember that the right ceremony music is just as important.

Ceremonies usually involve three types of songs on average.

  1. The prelude(s) – while guests are arriving.
    They generally begin approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.
  2. The processional(s) – wedding party and bride entrance.
    During this time, you can use the same song for family, bridal party, and bride, but this is usually broken up into at least two different songs.  You may have a special wedding song for your parents or for your bridesmaids.For the bride’s grand entrance, the music is of utmost importance. Choose the traditional wedding march or something more modern and fun.
  3. The recessional(s) – bridal party exit and guest dismissal.
    The recessional should be an upbeat song, reflecting your happiness as a new couple and celebrating your union.

These are all times when wedding music will be played during the ceremony. Some couples also choose to have music during the unity candle or other special moments. Pick songs that are meaningful to you and short in duration since these activities don’t take up much time in the service.

Choose music appropriate for your space

Whether you choose to have live music or not, knowing your space is important.  Some churches or other ceremony sites may have strict guidelines on what is and isn’t allowed.  Also, you do not want to hire a large group of musicians who may not work well in a small space.

An outdoor ceremony will probably not work for a pianist since it will be difficult for them to be heard.  An outdoor wedding will also require a little more planning as far as sound.  In the midst of your wedding music planning, keep all these details in mind.

Ceremony music is highly important to the feel of your day; having musicians with experience is the key.  Of course some disasters are unavoidable, but by picking a ceremony musician with experience in accompanying couples down the aisle, will be a priority.  Find musicians with great reviews and talk to friends about their experiences too.  One way to find one you really like is to attend an event where they are playing to get a feel for what they offer.

The right wedding music is important — from when that first guest shows up to be seated at the ceremony until the last dancer is standing at the reception.  If you are smart in your music decisions, everyone will be swept up in the romance and joy of your blessed day.

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