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4 Creative Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding themes are becoming increasingly popular as brides and grooms are looking to both contribute ideas to the wedding and the reception. While in previous generations the woman or her parents tended to oversee the details of her wedding, grooms are becoming more involved in the planning. Talk to your groom and decide what theme you would both like to incorporate into your wedding.

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Here are few different ideas to make your nuptials unique:

1. Celebrate your musical taste

If you and your groom are particularly big music fans you can incorporate your love of music into the wedding. For example, you can celebrate an era by creating a theme around the music from a particular decade such as a 50’s theme complete with classic cars, diner food, and greaser attire. If you both enjoy musicals you can have your wedding set around your favorite by dressing as the leads and even having your wedding party perform some choreography to popular numbers.

2. Honor your favorite books or movies

If you and your groom are both big readers, consider a theme that uses your favorite books. If you two share a favorite book you can use decorations that fit in with the theme. For example if you choose The Great Gatsby you can decorate your wedding in 20s flair, setting it up like a speak-easy. You can also choose to have your food fit in with your theme. For a Pride and Prejudice theme, you can skip a buffet meal and serve a high tea complete with scones, finger sandwiches, and biscuits. You can adapt this to nearly any of you favorite books or movies such as Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Hunger Games. If you and your groom can’t agree on a favorite book or movie, you could also see if you could do a mash up theme such as combining elements from Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars series.

3. Your favorite games

If you and your groom have a board game or video game that you love to play, you can also use this as part of your wedding theme. You can make a real life version of the game to entertain your guests, which will definitely set your wedding apart. You can do this in lieu of a cocktail hour which can save you lots of money.

4. Places you want to go

If you both would one day like to travel to a particular location you can incorporate unique elements from that place into your wedding. You can also incorporate the cuisine from your dream vacation spot into the menu for your wedding.  For example, have a casino wedding set up if you both would one day like to go to Vegas. You could also do a theme featuring popular tourist cities such as New Orleans, Paris, Rome, Venice, or London.

A unique theme is the key to making sure that your wedding will be memorable. You and your guests will have tons of fun when you have a themed wedding over a traditional one. It may also save you some money by having a themed wedding, because there will be less competition with other brides and grooms when you pick an alternative venue and services. Most of all, your wedding should reflect you and your groom’s interests and personalities. Themed weddings have become very popular in the past few years.

Still need help with the music portion of your big day? Be sure to take a little time to listen to some clips and download songs or sheet music for your event.

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