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7 Wedding Music Mishaps to Avoid

wedding_gift_card_image_myweddingmusic.com | blog_post_7_mishaps_to_avoidMishaps on the wedding day are almost always a given.  How big the mishap is can definitely change things, so don’t make your wedding music a victim to these very common (and avoidable) mistakes!

1.  You pick too many songs that people will not recognize
Sure, it may be a song that is special to you as a couple, but don’t choose too many that aren’t popular or familiar.  Pick a few that you love together, but for the rest of the party, keep with songs that people know and love for assuring that everyone will be on the dance floor.

2.  When planning your wedding music, you do not verify your DJ
Many people have companies that offer many different DJs, any of which could be yours.  Be sure to speak with your actual DJ and be aware of ‘the bait and switch.’

3.  You do not meet with your DJ until the day of your wedding
I know you can already see the problem this can pose! On your big day, you will already swamped with things to do; don’t make this one of them.  Make sure you speak with them well in advance of your day to make sure they are up to your standards and they know exactly what you want. Be sure to check in with them the week of your wedding to make sure everything is in order and to finalize any last minute details.

4.  A big oops is to not check out sound ordinance laws
This is crucial for outdoor weddings.  You need to check out any restrictions in advance so that the cops aren’t showing up to end your party early!

5.  You do not play a variety of songs
Wedding songs come in all forms, so take advantage of that.  Cater to all of your guests by playing a wide variety of music. Your DJ can offer suggestions. Be sure to let him know which songs to nix if there are some you definitely don’t want played. See #7.

6.  You have extra long special dance songs
Yes, these are special wedding songs and yes, this is your day.  But guests will get bored if there are extra long mother-son and father-daughter dances.  Consider fading those songs out at a more acceptable length so others can join you on the dance floor.

7.  You forget to make a do-not-play list
There are certain songs that may bring back bad memories or are simply songs you don’t like.  Be sure to highlight those to your DJ so that there are no hard feelings at the end of the night.

When in the midst of your wedding music planning, keeping these tips in mind can help you avoid any music mishaps.  This will lead to the party of a lifetime and your guests will tear up the dance floor all night long without a worry from you; just how it should be!

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