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8 Best Wedding Songs of 2015

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If you’re going to have a dance floor at your wedding, picking music for your reception can be a serious chore, even if you’re hiring a band or DJ. The music has to be upbeat enough that you want to dance to it and whether or not you actually like a song is just a bonus.

If you’re looking for what songs are popular for weddings this year, here are 8 of 2015’s favorites:

1.      Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars – Chances are, if you’ve listened to the radio in the last two months, you’ve heard this song and found yourself humming it for the rest of the day. It’s an ear worm, but a great one that your guests will love!

 2.      Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – Sam Smith didn’t win this year’s Grammy for Best New Artist for nothing—this singer/songwriter has the voice of an angel. This slow jam is perfect for slow first dances. “Stay With Me,” the single that shot Smith to international stardom, is also great.

3.      Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon – Not only is this song about falling in love, its fast, upbeat tempo will get everyone onto the floor.

4.      All of Me by John Legend – An obvious choice, maybe, but especially if you’re looking for something with a little bit faster tempo than a Sam Smith number. John Legend’s ballad will make a great first dance song.

5.      Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj – This is another radio favorite that is just begging to be danced to.

6.      Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – If you want tears to be shed during your first dance or any slow dance on your big day, this is the song to choose.

7.      Shake It Off by Taylor Swift – You don’t have to be a Swiftie to love this happy, danceable song. This might technically be from 2014, but it’s just too good for dancing to leave off this list.

8.      Oblivion by Bastille – Again, not technically a 2015 song, but this band is still finding its feet and this smooth, mellow ballad is perfect for first dances, especially if you want to play something from off the beaten path.

If you’re still having trouble picking music, pick a song you like from this list and use it as a seed on Pandora or Spotify—and check out our song categories to make picking a processional, recessional, and even mother/son dance song oh so simple.

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