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Brides Take On Bold Colors

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While the classic white is a traditional choice for many brides, more and more brides are deciding to make their wedding truly their own, even down to the dress. At one time the white gown symbolized a woman’s chastity before marriage, but as women get married later and later in life or have multiple marriages, the white dress does not hold as much symbolic weight as it once did. In many Eastern cultures the bride is adorned in bright vibrant colors to mark the happy occasion. For brides that want to personalize their wedding, incorporating color into the bridal gown may be an appealing option.

Deciding to go with a dress that incorporates color will make a statement. Some brides are even foregoing the white gown altogether and choosing a vibrant color for their wedding dress. If you want to have more than a traditional wedding or feel that many of the white wedding dresses are just not for you, then maybe an elegant and vibrant dress with color is for you!

You can incorporate your theme, your interests, or your history as a couple as part of the color of your dress. For instance many Gothic or brides that get married around Halloween choose to get married in a black dress. If you and your partner met at school you could choose one of the school colors. Some brides that love the outdoors could get married in a camouflage patterned dress. These personal touches will make the wedding even more unique and special.

Another way you could go with a color dress is to get married in a dress reflective of the season. For example a bride getting married in the fall could choose from warmer colors such as red, yellow, or chocolate brown. For a spring bride, you may want to use lighter tones such as light green, pinks, lavenders, or soft blues. If the rest of your wedding will reflect the season, then choosing a color as part of your theme is a great option.

Deciding to forego the traditional white wedding dress greatly opens up your selection of dresses and is likely to allow you to find a gorgeous dress in a more reasonable price range than if you were to seek a similar gown that had been deemed a wedding dress. Retailers often charge 300% more for goods or services if they know it is for a wedding! If you are shopping outside of the bridal section you may find a dress that you love without having to visit one costly boutique after another.

Your non-traditional decision to go for a colored gown may be met with some resistance by family members. If this is the case, be prepared to stand your ground or meet with a compromise by having only some colored details to your dress.

Be bold and add some color to your dress and make a statement on your wedding day!

If going bold with color is as far as you want to go with non-traditional ideas, then choose classical and traditional wedding songs from our wedding song selections for the rest of your day.

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