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Create your Dream Wedding with These Beautiful Gowns


For years you have been planning every detail of your wedding day. Most likely, your choices have changed throughout the years, and you may still be finding it difficult to choose the right style of dress. In this situation, you need help from an expert in the industry. One that has the tools and experience needed to make your dream wedding a reality. ( Photo Source: http://www.bestforbride.com/images/brides/bestforbride/2012/BFB2808-2.JPG )

Wedding Dresses

There are many styles to choose from! Comparing those styles side by side may make that decision a little bit easier for you. Below are examples from each of these popular styles: Mermaid, A-line, Above-the-knee, Meringue, and the Ball-gown.


wedding_gown_mermaid_best-for-bride_guest_blog_post_myweddingmusic.comThe Mermaid style dress tends to hug the contours of your body more and will accentuate the curves that you have. While this may not appeal to petite women, this style is perfect for curvier women who want to accentuate their shape on their wedding day. This style hugs the body and flairs out after it has passed the calf, creating a dramatic and beautiful look.

Photo Source: http://www.bestforbride.com/images/brides/bestforbride/2012/BFB2796.JPG



By choosing an A-line dress, you are looking for one that is narrower at the top and wider toward the bottom. This dress gets its name from the resemblance to the letter A. This style is also referred to as a princess dress. The style is very flattering to many different figure types and will look lovely on nearly any bride.

Photo source: http://www.bestforbride.com/images/brides/bestforbride/2012/BFB2810.JPG



Many women may be looking for a simpler approach to the everyday wedding gown. This above-the-knee style is popular for women who are having a non-traditional ceremony or are looking for a dress to wear that is fun and flirty. Some may even choose to slip this style on for the reception or as they leave for their honeymoon. Whatever your reason for looking for an above-the-knee option, you are sure to find some beautiful options in this more casual length.

Photo Source: http://www.bestforbride.com/viewDress/41/BestforBride/Bridal.php



These dresses are distinguishable due to the shape that they take. They consist of a bodice that is brought in at the waist. The skirt flows out from the waist and continues to a full-length or formal length. There are a number of looks available with this style and many brides have found it to be the preferable choice. It offers a very formal look that is popular and beautiful.

Photo Source: http://www.bestforbride.com/images/brides/bestforbride/2012/BFB2792.JPG

The Ball Gown


Many young dreamers first saw this and chose it as their wedding gown the first time they watched Cinderella or any other princess movie. We often think of this style as elegant and grand. It is similar to the Meringue style dresses, but typically will stop just as the dress touches the floor. This style may be too overwhelming for a small figure, making it more suitable for someone with a larger silhouette.

Photo source: http://www.bestforbride.com/viewDress/18/BestforBride/Bridal.php


Take your time looking for the perfect gown and choose a professional to help you find the right look for your wedding. There are many options available so deciding on the perfect one may take some careful thought and consideration.

Don’t forget to complete your look with the proper accessories at the time you are choosing your dress. At most bridal shops, you’ll find packages that will allow you to complete your entire look with some discounts for purchasing the day you try on.

Selecting your dress can be even more special when you choose to share the moment with the friends and family that you have decided to include in your wedding party as well. And be sure to have a camera ready for recording the try-on day – a priceless memory. There are so many choices; if you can’t decide that day, it will provide you with a great recap later.

Now that you’ve narrowed your dress choices, why not tackle some music? Find the perfect playlist for your day by listening online now.

Your wedding gown and your music will be extremely special and you are sure to find a dress and style of music to make your wedding day sing!

Guest post bio:
Best for Bride is currently serving the Ontario area with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You will enjoy endless options as you browse for your perfect dress in a variety of styles and brand names. Dresses are available for rent or for purchase and you will be overwhelmed with the care and attention that you will receive from the staff. There are many styles of dresses for you to choose from and you have the comfort of shopping in one of four store locations or online.

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