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Deciding What to Splurge On For Your Wedding


Weddings can certainly be expensive, with the average now costing around $35,000! Most couples can’t afford to go all out on every aspect of the wedding. So how do you decide what to skimp on and what to splurge on? It is simpler than you think.

Here are 3 tips to help you decide what to spend your money on for your big day.

Prioritize with your partner and only your partner
Every person you talk to will have an opinion on what is the most significant thing about your wedding, but the only other opinion you should worry about is your partner’s. In the end, this is your wedding, not your mother’s, your aunt’s, your friend’s, etc. Also the other people who are telling you what you should spend your money on are often not the ones that will be saddled with the debt from the event after the wedding is over. Talk to your partner about what are the most important things about the wedding for each of you and prioritize your finances accordingly. While an ice sculpture might be cool, no one will care that you had it 15 years from now, so why should you? If the food is important to both of you, then splurge on steak and lobster. If music is important to you, then hire a skilled DJ or a live band. The important thing is to not let anyone else influence your decision.

Look elsewhere
Be sure to compare several vendors before deciding on one. You may find a better deal elsewhere that you wouldn’t have known existed if you went with the first vendor that you liked. You also might want to consider using the services of a friend or family member for your wedding day and have them provide services in lieu of a gift. For example, if your aunt is a great cook, ask her to make up a special dish for your wedding instead of bringing a gift. This can save you a large amount of cash if you are working with a large talent pool. If you can find quality services at an affordable price, why pass it up?

Don’t pass up free
Borrowing from people you know will help you to save tons on your wedding. Check with family members or friends and see if they have any vases, linens, ribbons, or other decorations sitting around after their wedding. Most of these things end up in storage somewhere, never to be used again. This can apply to other things such as jewelry, veils, shoes, dresses, tuxedos, and other items that your family may have lying around.

As a couple, you are the ones starting your lives together and you are the ones who are footing the bill of this wedding, so don’t try to please everyone else. The choice of whether to just serve appetizers and drinks or a five course meal is up to you. What you decide to splurge or save on is your decision. Stay true to your wedding vision because you won’t want to have regrets about how you did things on your wedding day.

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