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Don’t Pay a Fortune

wedding dance image | myweddingmusic.comBooking the music for your wedding without paying a fortune

The music at your wedding is what helps to determine the mood of your big day. Slow songs can give you and your guests an intimate and romantic wedding, whereas upbeat music with a fast tempo can give you a fun party atmosphere.

Deciding what type of music you would like to be played or performed at the wedding is very important. The quality of music that you play at your wedding will determine whether you and your friends party the night away or head for the door after the ceremony. Just because you want to have quality music at your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to pay through the nose for it.

If you know musicians or members of a band, you could see if they would be willing to play your wedding as a gift. If not as a gift, then possibly for a discount. Using the gifts of your talented friends can save you hundreds of dollars on your entertainment expenses. Allowing your musician friends to play at your wedding will give them exposure so that they may be able to book future gigs because of their performance at your wedding. This is a great opportunity for musicians who are trying to break into the professional scene. If you want your friends to play a specific song at your wedding, such as your song as a couple, you can get the sheet music right here on our site! We also have video clips of songs to help you decide on the music that you would like to have played at your wedding.

Give your friends and family a night to remember with great musical entertainment. Save yourself the money and time of searching through databases of professionals you do not know and may not like. If you have friends in the business, they will probably be thrilled and honored to serve such a large role on your wedding day.

Find a band that you love and save yourself stress that you don’t need. Discuss as a couple what music you want and try not to succumb to the pressure of everyone else telling you what music you should book or what is popular at the time.  Remember that the ultimate point of your wedding is for you and your groom to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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