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Fun Activities for Kids During a Wedding

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Young children are adorable and many people choose to have a cute toddler walking down the aisle as a flower girl or a ring bearer. But weddings, especially the ceremony portion, are not very exciting to young children. Unfortunately this means that they may cause a disruption. It is important to have a distraction set up in order to avoid a full blown temper tantrum from either a child or the bride!

Have some fun activities that can entertain the children. Here area few ideas about some fun activities you can have on hand for the kids so that they are quiet during the ceremony.

  1. Coloring books: Provide each child over age 2 and under age 8 with a wedding themed coloring book and some crayons when they enter the ceremony. This will occupy the children for the majority of the ceremony and will keep them calm as you say your vows. You can also set up coloring books at the tables for the children during your reception.
  2. Children’s Area: If you are having many children at your wedding, you could  set up a children’s area. For an outdoor wedding, set up an area where children are able to blow some bubbles. If you are having a wedding inside, see if you could set up a children’s movie in a separate room and hire someone who needs some extra cash to watch them while the parents are attending your ceremony.
  3. Have a Children’s Table: You can have a children’s table set up with different crafts, allow them to decorate their own cookies with frosting and sprinkles. You can also have kid-friendly foods set up on the table with things like pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and more yummy kid-approved treats.
  4. Rent a Photo Booth: The photo booth is fun for people of all ages and can be very affordable. This could be a fun activity that you can start while you and your wedding party are having their photos taken. Many photo booths come with costumes and props that the kids can use.
  5. Have a candy ‘bar’: Your wedding will be a hit with your younger guests if you set up an assortment of different candies where your guests can fill up a bag with their favorite. Or simply make a candy bar favor exclusively for the children.

If you want to have a wedding in which your younger guests are entertained and placated, follow these tips and you’ll have many happy, smiling little faces at your wedding.

Be sure to include some kid-friendly tunes at the reception too. Need to find some songs for this part of the day? Listen to some clips here.

Looking for a specific song? Search our alphabetized list of songs.

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