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How to Do Perfect Wedding Music Planning – Part 2

Music for Parts of the Ceremony

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Prelude Wedding Music

Guests are arriving, seats are being occupied, and people are anticipating the grand event — your wedding! Provide a music-filled atmosphere to set a scene of romance and elegance. The selection of wedding songs during this ceremony prelude will help set the mood for the entire event.

Gentle music works especially well during this part of the event. The wedding songs that you choose should not over-power the mood, but should politely complement the growing excitement. Play the prelude music at least 15-20 minutes before the arrival of the bride.

Also during the prelude, you’ll get a chance to spend some private time with important family members. As they relinquish the couple into a new family and life, choose wedding music that reflects the importance of the occasion. While you are free to choose whatever you like, traditional wedding songs or familiar music works best at this time just before the processional.

Processional Wedding Music

As the wedding party moves to proceed down the aisle, the feel of the music should switch. The tempo of the songs should permit the party to move forward at a specific pace, and at the same time heighten the suspense of the bride’s entrance.

Bridal Entrance Songs

Entrance of the bride is most anxiously awaited by everyone in attendance. The music that plays at this time should reflect excitement, and be sweeping and dramatic. Traditionally, Wagner’s Here Comes the Bride is selected for this occasion, but some brides may go a little bold and select something that reflects their unique attitude and personality. Whichever songs you choose, pick something that suits both the bride and the groom. Don’t forget that the music you choose should be easy to walk slowly to, such as Canon in D from Pachelbel.

TIP: Separate the processional music from the bridal march with a short pause. It will add a dramatic appeal to the bride’s entrance.

Recessional Wedding Music

Once the ceremony is over, you are now husband and wife! The music that plays while both of you walk up the aisle should echo your elation and excitement. Play a song that is upbeat and joyous. Traditional selections include Wedding March by Mendelssohn, but you can experiment with something contemporary like our original songs The Dance of Youth or O’Neill’s March. Choose something you both love. Continue to play 10-15 minutes of upbeat songs while your guests are leaving.


Throughout your wedding music planning, be sure to return to this site for help. We have a huge database of articles, videos, Q&A, and FAQs that will help you choose just the right wedding music. Simply download your favorite wedding songs (and sheet music) online and use them to create the perfect atmosphere for your grand event.

And don’t forget the reception! We have some great dinner music selections and reception song ideas.

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