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Inappropriate Wedding Ceremony Songs

You might have a favorite song in mind for your wedding ceremony, but before you start printing the programs, you’ll want to give it a little more thought. Just because a tune features a sweeping melody or a chance for your soloist to really let loose, the lyrics might not be exactly appropriate for your big day. Here are a few songs to avoid:

My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from “Titanic”) – Celine Dion

This song is beautiful, but it’s about living on after someone you love died, not starting a life together. Also, the boat sank – that’s just bad karma.

I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Perfect song, right? Wrong. Here are a few sample lyrics that explain why it might not be the most appropriate sentiment for a ceremony: “If I should stay, I would only be in your way. So I’ll go.” “Bittersweet. Memories. That is all I’m taking with me. So good-bye…” “We both know I’m not what you need…”

Every Breath You Take – The Police

This tune is more like a creepy stalker’s anthem than a love song.

Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson

This is also a beautiful love song, but it wouldn’t be polite to compare the groom to a “beast” during the ceremony.

Send in the Clowns – From the Broadway show “A Little Night Music”

This would be a big “no-no” during ANY portion of the prelude or processional. As beautiful as it is, you wouldn’t want it to be playing while your mother or future mother-in-law were being seated.

Got a tale about a wedding song that had the minister blushing with embarrassment or the guests recoiling in shock? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a note, and we’ll include the best stories in an upcoming article.