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Musician Articles/FAQs

Not sure about what kind of live musicians you’d like to hire for your wedding? Or do you need some pointers about musicians you’ve already hired? Browse our articles and read through some of the most common questions we receive about live musicians.


Getting Started: Seven Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Sing

Not sure where to begin when it comes to your wedding music? Check out these basic guidelines to get you started.

Tips for Hiring Ceremony Musicians

Check out these nine tips for choosing the perfect wedding ceremony musicians.

Behind the Music: The Parts of a Wedding

Incorporate as little or as much music as you’d like on your wedding day. Here’s a synopsis of the basic parts of a wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Music Dos & Don’ts

Some advice, and more importantly, some mistakes to avoid on when making music selections for the big day.

Choosing Music that’s Appropriate for Your Venue

Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing your ceremony musicians.

Personalizing Music to Fit Your Taste

So “your song” isn’t exactly appropriate for a wedding. Here’s a way to include it anyway.

Reception Music on a Budget

If you’re trying to stretch your budget and still have the wedding reception of your dreams, here are some ideas to help keep costs down.


Ask the Experts

Do I have to invite my ceremony musicians to my reception/dance?

The more, the merrier, right? Invite them to join you. Whether they’ll come or not is directly proportional to how well they know you. If you were acquaintances prior to asking them to perform for your ceremony, they’ll likely join you. If they’re hired professionals who you’ve not met before, they’ll likely decline – unless you hit it off during the planning stages.

Where can we find ceremony musicians?

For a nationwide database of professional wedding musicians, check out this section of our website. You can find musicians in your area by typing in your zip code. If you’re still having trouble finding someone, ask the contact person at your wedding venue – they’ll likely be able to give you a few names.

How do I tell Uncle Phil that we’ve hired a professional pianist?

It’s not fair for your musically talented relatives to assume that they’ll be participating in your big day somehow, but they’ll likely do it anyway. The best way to handle this is to be direct and firm as soon as they ask – don’t waffle or make it seem as there’s any chance you might change your mind. And the sooner the better – the longer you take to break the news, the more disappointed they’ll be.

Should my musicians attend the rehearsal?

Yes – absolutely. It’s important to have them there to learn exactly when to play during the appropriate parts of the ceremony. Also, it’s a good chance to reconfirm their arrival and start times for the next day, have them ask any questions of the officiant, etc. If you know them well enough and your budget allows, feel free to invite them to the rehearsal dinner as well.

Can I get my deposit back from the string quartet if my fiancé calls off the wedding?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to in most cases. Deposits are usually non-refundable. The purpose of a deposit is to secure a group’s services on a specific date – you pay to ensure that they won’t book any other gigs on the day of your event. When you can’t make good, they lose out on expected income, so it’s only fair that they get to keep your money. Check with the musicians – if your ill-fated nuptials were far enough in the future that they’re still able to find another gig for that day, they may take pity and consider returning your money. If not, ask if the deposit is transferable. Perhaps you could book them for another family event such as an anniversary party?

My ceremony musicians and DJ require final payment on the day of our wedding. What’s the best way to handle this?

Delegate this responsibility (and responsibility for any other outstanding payments) to your personal attendant, your dad, or the best man. Be sure to arrange for a tip for the DJ also.