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New Bridal Trend: Rent Your Wedding Dress

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Many brides experience sticker shock when it comes to finding their wedding dress. Wedding gowns are significantly marked up, with the possibility of costing tens of thousands of dollars depending on how elaborate the gown is.

For a bride on a budget, spending over a thousand dollars on a dress that she will only wear for a day is very impractical. Luckily, some creative innovators in the wedding industry opened up a new market by allowing brides to rent their dream dress.

Some brides or her family may seem apprehensive about renting a dress. After all the wedding dress is supposed to be the most significant piece of clothing that she will ever wear in her life. This may go back to the tradition that women had wedding dresses passed down for generations until the mid-twentieth century when weddings became much more commercialized.

Men, on the other hand, have rented their tuxedos for several decades and now many modern brides are deciding to follow this trend. After all, why should women have to pay a fortune on a one time dress that is difficult to walk in or dance in? Some brides even buy two different wedding dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Now you can simply rent the perfect dress for both!

Dress rentals can range from $200 and $2000, but the heftier price tags tend to be for popular top designers including Vera Wang, Nicole Miller, and Maggie Sottero.  Many websites and even bridal boutiques are now offering rental options.

Some websites like rentaweddingdress.com connects bridal stores and future brides looking to rent a dress, or even brides who are looking to make some of the money back from their wedding dress. Websites like borrowingmagnolia.com marks down the dresses for rent as much as 85% off their retail price.

The benefit of renting your wedding dress is that you can save money while wearing your something borrowed. Each rental site or store has different terms for the rental, often delivering the dress the week prior to your wedding. Be sure that you return the dress on time, because you can rack up some hefty fines if you don’t. One downside to renting, many rental sites and stores have a limited selection.

For brides looking to get married quickly, a rental bridal gown is the perfect solution because you don’t have to go through months of appointments and alterations. If the company sends you the dress before your big day and you aren’t happy with it, you still have time to find another one.

Ultimately, whether you decide to use a new dress, a family heirloom,  pre-owned, or a rental will depend on your priorities. You can look stunning in your wedding photos and during your wedding without the dress fitting you perfectly. The dress, while a large part of a wedding, is not the focus of the big day. You and your groom starting your life together is the whole point of the wedding. Keep that in mind amid all the wedding planning craziness to help you stay on budget and not lose your sanity before you make it down the aisle.

After you’ve got the dress, find some great music for that walk down the aisle! Check out our “walk down the aisle” songs as well as many others.

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