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Save Money on Decorations and Music for Your Wedding

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Weddings can carry a hefty price tag! Few people know that vendors increase their prices 300% or more if they know that it is for a wedding. It is important to cut costs where you can.

One area that often racks up thousands in costs is the decorations including the lighting, centerpieces, and flowers. You can save yourself tons of money by doing the decorations yourself rather than depending on the professionals. There are several things that you can do on your own, with just a little creativity, which will save you big bucks on your big day. You can also save on music by doing it yourself.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Save money on lighting:

You can save money on lighting with several DIY options. From tea lights to paper lanterns, a little setup, some time, and a bit of creativity will allow you to create any visual lighting effect that you want. For a very reasonable cost you can make a beautiful backdrop or add a dreamy accent to your head table with some white lights and a transparent fabric like tulle. While lighting may seem simple to set up, do not underestimate the power of good lighting as it can really transform a room to give your venue the mood that you want.

Save money on music:

Plan your own music. We have lots of great instrumental song downloads so you can create your own playlist or use one of ours. Just be sure to have someone who knows about technology in charge of playing your tunes!

Make your own bouquets:

You can save some money by making your very own bouquets and arranging them yourself. Buy some seasonal potted plants that you can use to decorate the aisle or buy some flowers from your local grocer and be able to arrange your flowers exactly how you wish. If real flowers are out of your price range or the ones that you want are no longer in season, you can also create bouquets out of silk flowers. With silk flowers you have more options and you don’t have to worry about the flowers beginning to wilt throughout the day like you would with traditional bouquets. Another benefit of silk flowers is that they will last so you can always take them home with you, send them with guest, or use them as decor in your home.

General Decor:

The general decor includes the centerpieces, the aisle, the seating, the tablescapes, and more. If you want to go all out on your theme, this can be quite costly if you have someone else set it up. Instead of picking from a limited selection of packages offered by a vendor or explaining your vision to them and being let down, you can create your own. Pinterest is a great place to get affordable DIY ideas for your wedding — ideas on how to create amazing things out of everyday items like paper, old wood, wire, and much more Explore Pinterest and wedding blogs to find a craft that fits your needs and try it out. I would always recommend doing a few practice runs well ahead of your wedding so that you get a feel for the craft first and to be sure you’ll like the end result.

By doing some of the decor yourself you can save yourself quite a large sum of cash in the long run. If doing the decor all on your own seems like a little too much ask some friends and family to get together once a month leading up to the wedding to help you. This will cut down on the time you have to spend on decorations yourself and will also create some fun bonding memories. There are many resources for couples looking to save some money on their wedding. At the end of your big day what will matter is that you had a fun time with friends and family, not how much money you spent.

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