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Set the Mood for Your Wedding

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Themed weddings are an ever popular option among couples seeking to tie the knot. From Star Wars to the Great Gatsby, from books to hunting, couples are finding ways to incorporate the interests that they share into their wedding to make it uniquely their own. Theme weddings definitely set up a specific tone for your wedding, whether that is sweet and romantic, or crazy and wild.

Here are a few simple ways that you can set the mood of your wedding —

The food: The food is often seen as a necessary part of the wedding, but few people see it as a creative tool as well. You can easily incorporate your theme into your food selection, such as recreating a menu from the turn of the century for a Victorian themed wedding, or by making dishes inspired by your favorite fictional characters.

If your family and cultural traditions are very important to you and your spouse, this is a great opportunity to consider serving dishes that celebrate your heritage. Food offers you a wide range of possibilities that are growing every day. Ask your caterer for ideas.

The decorations: Most couples use decorations to create the mood that they want including low lighting with thousands of crystals, or natural decorations such as under the sun on a quiet beach.

Decorations can serve a variety of purposes during your wedding — as part of the dining experience, to indicate places to lounge for a few minutes, or to show off the dance floor.

The location of your wedding can double as part of the decorations depending on the atmosphere that is present in the venue itself.  If you want a relaxed, low key wedding you may want to have your wedding at a local country church, in a wooded park, or in an industrial venue. The bride who wants a more upscale wedding would most likely book a regal hotel or a more formal venue.

The music: Music has the power to define whether a party is hot or a dud. The music that you play at your wedding will affect everyone in attendance. Fast and modern music may have all your friends dancing the night away, but it may also keep your grandparents in their chairs. You can also find music that sticks to your theme by choosing tunes from certain genres or eras. The tempo of the song will also affect the way that your guests dance on the floor. Slower songs are more about an emotional connection. Music can immediately transform the atmosphere of the room. Find the perfect songs right here on our website.


In conclusion, the mood of your wedding is something that your friends and family will talk about for days after the event. Be sure that you and your future spouse pick a theme or mood that you both can agree upon.


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