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Top 6 Wedding Music Myths

When it comes to making decisions for your wedding music, you will hear many opinions from friends, family, and professionals.  The truth is, no one knows you as a couple except you two.  When planning your wedding music, do not fall for these myths you may hear.

myweddingmusic.com | top 6 wedding music myths blog post

  1. A DJ will play cheesy tunes that are not on your list.  This may be true if you have not specifically communicated your tastes and certain songs you do not want.  Otherwise, a good DJ will play what he feels will get the crowd going at any given time.  His job is to keep the dance floor hopping, so if you do not clearly negate certain cheesy songs, they may show up at some point.


  1. You can control everything.  Of course you can give your DJ a list to go from, but leave it up to him when to play tunes and which tunes to leave out.  Again, communication is key.  You should be able to trust your DJ to do his job.


  1. A DJ will talk too much and interrupt the flow of the dance party.  A DJ with experience will know when and how long to talk.


  1. A band is stuck in their genre and cannot offer enough variety.  While this may be true if you hire a band whose music is specific, most wedding bands know to offer a variety.  Generally speaking, the more parts to the band, the more they can offer.


  1. You can’t have both a DJ and a band.  This myth may only true if you have a strict wedding music budget to stick to.  You can hire a DJ to be around while your band is on break.  You can also have a band for the first part of the party and finish up with a DJ.  You can find companies that offer both.


  1. Slow songs should start the party and get more exciting as the night goes on.  Once again, variety is key.  Mixing it up will keep all your guests on their toes…literally.


Planning your wedding music and wedding songs shouldn’t be stressful.  Trust in the decisions you make and trust in the music you have chosen.  A good DJ or band will make your wedding music planning a breeze!

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