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Wedding Band vs. DJ: Pros and Cons Part 1

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There are numerous important elements that a soon-to-be bride and groom should focus on in order for their big day to be the best one possible.

After all, a wedding is one of the most important days in peoples’ lives, and thus most couples have enough on their plate and that can sometimes lead to some aspects of a wedding being left unattended.

And while some of the aspects might be alright if given little attention, others require more consideration and simply can’t be neglected.

One of these aspects is the wedding music – entertainment is essential not only for making sure that the newlyweds are happy, but also to ensuring that the guests are having fun as well. Even though the wedding is about the to-be-weds, if the guests won’t have a good time, the wedding will not be memorable.

So how do you choose music for your wedding?

Well, when it comes to music, the main decision that one has to make is whether to go with a wedding band or a DJ – each have their own approach to creating a good atmosphere in a wedding and getting people on the dance floor, but they have significant differences that require thought on your personal preferences.

You’ve probably attended more than one wedding with each of these choices, but the question remains…

which one is the best option for your needs?

This seems to be the million dollar question. Both wedding bands and DJs have their share of pros and cons, so the only thing left to do is compare these and decide which one best meets your needs, wants, and budget.

You can hide away that legal pad, because we went ahead and compiled a list of pros and cons for you to compare:

Top Pros of Hiring a Band for Your Wedding Day

• You will have 100% live music (this is definitely the biggest advantage of this option, compared to choosing a DJ).

• A good band can read the mood of the wedding and will liven up the entire event, making everyone from the youngest to the oldest have fun and enjoy the music.

• Live music creates a great atmosphere.

• Depending the environment you want to create, a band can sing, play slow or fast, and even lengthen songs.

• You have a variety of bands to choose from giving you flexibility.

• You can hire a group that follows a particular music genre that you, your partner, and guests could enjoy. For example — a band of jazz, salsa, pop, or other genre you prefer.

Top Cons of Hiring a Band for Your Wedding Day

• The more famous the band is, the more you will have to pay to get them to play at your wedding.

• Bands usually play in sessions. A lot of them play for 40-45 minutes and take 15 to 20 minute brakes. That means those breaks will have to be filled with background music, or there will be silence.

• If you do not choose a group that specializes in weddings, you’ll probably need to hire lighting services, smoke machines, etc. to cover these types of elements for your guests.

• There is a limit to the number of songs that a band can play.

• The live songs do not sound like the original recorded song.

• The volume and sound quality is more difficult to control. The good bands know how to do a proper sound check, but if you end up with a mediocre band, the sound quality might be poor which can hinder the entire event.


Thanks to Jeremy for being our guest writer this week! Stay tuned for Part 2 next week…

Author Bio:

Jeremy is a DJ/MC and has been playing the violin since 3 years of age!  He is Musical Functions’ wedding music specialist and the Director of Music for the “Something Borrowed Band”. Being so involved with music and weddings every weekend means that he is across all the latest trends and is full of amazing musical ideas for weddings.

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