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Wedding Band vs. DJ: Pros and Cons Part 2


In Part 1, we covered the pros and cons of hiring a band. In Part 2 below, we’ll cover the pros and cons of hiring a DJ.

Pros of Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Day

• A good DJ can access almost any song that you or any of your guests want.

• A good DJ is accessible and always well-prepared.

• A good DJ that specializes in wedding entertainment can offer all kinds of visual and auditory amenities, including lighting and sound effects.

• With a really minimal assembly, a DJ can enrich your wedding with music from all over the world that is pleasing to all of your guests.

Cons of Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Day

• A full service DJ with elements of audiovisual entertainment, lights, screens, and other amenities can be expensive.

• With widespread access to basic audio, many inexperienced people tend to call themselves DJs–without truly being one! It is vital to hire a DJ that is reputable. You might want to browse around for online reviews or ask for references you can contact.

• A bad DJ can really ruin your wedding. A poor choice of songs, a bad attitude, or lack of communication between the DJ and the couple can be disastrous.

• If the bride and groom or guests want to sing, the DJ must have a karaoke option.

Do Your Homework before Hiring a Wedding Band or DJ

Ideally, you want to see a wedding band or DJ in action before hiring them. Ask the DJ or the band that has captured your attention if they can show you one of their recorded performances or ask them if you can attend a rehearsal. Don’t forget to request references as well. Before your DJ or band performs, you must provide a personal list of song or other requests so that they can meet them.

As you can conclude, both DJs and bands can put on a show in any wedding, but while a DJ is usually a more versatile and cheaper choice, there’s a reason that wedding bands are still so much in demand – the atmosphere and energy that can be created by a good live performance simply can’t be matched by a DJ. DJ’s have their audience and can be much more suitable if you’re on a budget and don’t want to risk taking a chance with a cheaper band that might have a lower reputation and/or less experience playing at weddings.


Choosing music for your wedding is never easy – there are enough decisions to be made regarding the preferred styles of music, the times of a wedding when you want music played, as well as choosing the song for the first dance or any other special dances you’d like.

But in the end, it is no less important to consider the simple decision of whether you want a band or a DJ playing at your wedding. While you might think that you already have an idea of your preferred choice, when you start to look into the pros and cons, you’ll quickly realize which solution is best for your situation.

The important thing to remember is that whether you choose a band or a DJ, what it often comes down to is the human factor – both a good band and a good DJ can make your wedding day special. Choose well since a poor band or DJ can ruin your entire event!

Author Bio:

Jeremy is a DJ/MC and has been playing the violin since 3 years of age!  He is Musical Functions’ wedding music specialist and the Director of Music for the “Something Borrowed Band”. Being so involved with music and weddings every weekend means that he is across all the latest trends and is full of amazing musical ideas for weddings.

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