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Wedding Music Planning Hits a High Note


Picture this: You’ve gotten through the engagement and then the ceremony and now you get to celebrate!  You step onto the dance floor for your first dance and it is perfect.  You dance with your dad and it is perfect too.  Even when cutting the cake, the music is spot on.  This could not happen without essential wedding music planning beforehand.  Spare a disaster and plan in advance.

Wedding music throughout the day should reflect you as a couple.  From the ceremony to the last call on the dance floor, guests should feel like they learn a little about you just from the tunes you’ve chosen.

There are definitely the traditional wedding songs, especially the wedding march, that are very popular.  Modern couples are choosing their own songs and even dancing down the aisle!

The main part of wedding music planning (outside the ceremony), is for the reception.  There are so many opportunities to incorporate music and make a moment even better.  There are songs for the entrance of the bride and groom along with their bridal party.  Then, there are the tear-jerking dances when the bride dances with her Dad or the groom dances with his Mom.

Wedding music has even made its way into the cake cutting along with the garter and bouquet toss.  Couples can choose witty songs to match up with these special reception events.  The laughs these songs bring to guests is memorable!

Wedding songs can evoke memories, but also bring about a feel-good mood.  Whether the couple is traditional or unconventional, music is out there to match every taste.

There is help!  You can search by parts of the day and all songs and sheet music are digital downloads.  We have all the help you need when planning your wedding music  so don’t be overwhelmed!

“If music be the food of love, play on.” -William Shakespeare

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