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Wedding Music Questions and Contracts

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Just as with many other things about your wedding, contracts are a must.  Interviewing vendors is also a must.  When planning your wedding music, keep in mind your vision and exactly what you are looking for so that you do not get taken advantage of on the biggest day of your life.

When writing up your wedding music contract, there are details you absolutely must include and other points you can add depending on your needs.

  • Include all details of your event – place, date, and time of arrival all need to be in writing.
  • Include the exact name of the DJ or band that will be playing so that it cannot be changed or switched.
  • Include all the equipment that each of you will be providing.  This will eliminate any questions when the band or DJ shows up without a microphone or certain cords.
  • Details about the exact number of musicians you hired should be noted.
  • Songs that will be played and when. Also note wedding songs that are an absolute no go.
  • The total amount of time you have booked them for, start time, and end time are important to include.
  • Breaks, fees, and overtime rates should all be detailed on the contract.  You cannot be charged for anything not detailed on the contract.
  • Don’t forget to include all deposits, fees, and cancellation policies in the contract.

So what questions should you ask of musicians when deciding to hire them?  These should get you started:

  • Do they have a preferred style of music and are they able to deviate at all from their specific genre?
  • Are they available on your date and are they flexible with the times they can work?
  • Are there any extras included in the price?
  • Is there a minimum time commitment?
  • What is their wedding experience? Referrals or a track record should be available for you to review.
  • Do they have samples you can listen to?

These questions are to get you started in the interview process.  If they do not fit the vision you have for your wedding music, you should move on.  Wedding music planning is very fun, but in the midst of the fun, don’t forget the details. That way, you’ll enjoy yourself when the tunes are flowing.

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