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Wedding Music What Not To Play

Wedding Music What Not to Play at Your Dance


We know, you’ve heard it all come wedding dance time! Wedding music that is cheesy, inappropriate, or simply a bad choice. Who wants to hear a creepy break-up song during this romantic event?

We know you’ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect First Dance song and other songs you want to play to celebrate your new life together. Here’s a few ideas of what not to play at your dance.

Whether it’s a live band or a DJ, make sure you comb your song list for those “do not play under any circumstances” songs so they don’t find their way into your special day.

Any wedding dance tunes rife with images of breakups, pessimism, cheating, or lies is probably a song you’ll want to avoid. Here’s our short list of songs you don’t want to play:

  • Love Stinks – J. Geils Band
  • I Hate Everything About You – Ugly Kid Joe
  • I Said I Love You, But I Lied – Michael Bolton
  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon
  • Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

Read the entire list of songs that don’t make the list.

The whole “group dance” song thing? Another subject entirely! You know – Macarena, Chicken Dance, YMCA, Hokey Pokey, etc. This is a highly personal choice. At many weddings, these songs get everyone out on the dance floor. You decide whether you want them at your dance, 😉 it’s your day to celebrate any way you like.

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